MU Origin 2 Awakened Free Ultimate

By MU Ultimate Free

MMORPG, MU Origin 2 Private Server

We would like to thank all those who played and participated during the OAT phase. We appreciate all your feedback about the game! Yes, we are listening, and your responses will be taken into consideration as we continuously improve the game.

Gather your allies, rally your guildmates, and tell your friends: Mu2Origin Open Beta is upon us! Stay tuned for updates regarding the OBT schedule AND all our action-packed activities and events lined up for you!

Get ready to take back the Continent! Thank you!


  • Free VIP15
  • Normal Mobs Drop pink diamonds
  • Active event on facebook page
  • Archangel V Sub-Weapon for duel Master on gold market contains any red grade gears for all classes
  • Free Gift Code
  • Free Blue Diamonds
  • Free Pink Diamonds
  • Free Legendary Glyph Box
  • Free x50 EXP Card (You can also buy x50 exp card on gold shop)
  •  archangel weapon and sub weapon on gold shop
  • More




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