Legacy of Discord Unlimited Edition

“Legacy of Discord (Unlimited Edition)” is a 3D ARPG mobile game with exciting combat as the core. Officially licensed, the benefits of the Supreme… [Read More]

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  • Description
“Legacy of Discord (Unlimited Edition)” is a 3D ARPG mobile game with exciting combat as the core. Officially licensed, the benefits of the Supreme Edition have been greatly improved, and you will get the Supreme V]P, diamonds*88888, black diamonds*88888, gold coins*888W when you go online, and free first recharge packs, high-end weapons, cool fashions, and valuable diamonds. Month card. The game screen is exquisite, the gameplay is diverse, the shape is endless, and the streamer is cool. Cross-server warfare in the field battlefield, the battle was a joy. Mainline hosting, free your hands. Growth fund, 340 times rebate. The old players returned and the rewards were softened. Fashionable flying wings, domineering pets, legendary relics, show off your beauty. Adventure expedition, casual mining, guild darts, exciting and refreshing. Dark suits are all the rage, and themed fashion shines with personality. The battle is smooth and happy. PVE+PVP’s hidden treasure palace, large-scale cross-server battles and 10V10 exciting PK are waiting for you to fight. There are also brand-new systems, such as magic weapons, ancient magic equipment, etc., waiting for you to experience.
  • Server Features
  • Free Supreme VIP
  • Free diamond 88888 (Up To 300.000 from other reward)
  • Free black diamond 88888
  • Free gold coin 888.000
  • Free first charge gift bag*1
  • Free diamond monthly card
  • Intimate function “main hosting”, direct hosting of the main push map, liberating your hands
  • If you buy Lu, you will get a super value first charge, with high-level wings: Wings of Fury, Weapon\Weapons, Black Bird Night Cry Weapon Fashion 30 days*1, Fate Fashion 30 days*1
  • Luxurious upgrades for recording rewards. You can get the best Tier 7 weapons, super rage wings, “Wings of Hunting, “Wings of Molten Demon”, and cool mounts of “Chained Beasts”.
  • There is no recharge threshold for the growth fund, you can buy a thousand diamonds, and you can return up to 34.000 diamonds (rebate up to 340 times)!
  • There are a lot of shopping malls for you to buy, you can get 2.000 diamonds every day, and the highest sale of golden mount fragments
  • Free Supreme VIP, diamond*88888, black diamond*88888, gold coin*888.000, first charge gift bag*1, diamond monthly card
  • The recharge ratio is 1:1000, the first charge is doubled, and the recharge will give 50% forever
  • The first punch rewards luxury upgrades, the best orange pet, cool angry wings, mounts, and permanent fashion are waiting for you
  • The number of diamonds and black diamonds produced by the monthly card, daily, and system has been greatly increased, and a large number of diamonds and black diamonds are waiting for you
  • Brand new system, demonized magic weapon, ancient magic equipment and other new systems
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  • Game Information

APK File Name : Legacy-of-Discord-Unlimited-Edition-PVTGames.apk
APK Size : 656.7 MB
Need Additional Data : Yes
Server : CN
Language : Chinese
File Type : Android Package Kit (.APK)
Publisher : BTgame
PVTGames Update : 07 October, 2020
Base Game : Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings
Genres : Action, RPG
PVTGames Note : You need chinese VPN to play this game. if you encounter "Your Region isnt Copyrighted" then you need to clear data anda download data again using chinese VPN

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